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Bookman 1

Bookman 1

The Bookman is a bookshelf in the shape of a man and is a highly decorative piece of furniture as well as a sculpture.

Designed by East Anglian artist Kazmierz Szmauz who also designed the CDMan, the DVDMan and Videoman. However, as booksellers we regard Bookman as his highest achievement. The Bookman holds about 100 books and looks most splendid when they are leatherbound books which we can also supply.

He measures 70 inches high by 45 inches wide and is made from stained pine, although other woods can be used. Shelves are best adapted to books beneath 8 inches in height. These measurements are for Bookman 1, the Bookman we can readily produce. Please contact us for details of Bookman 2 and Bookman 3.

Bookman 1 can be ordered and collected from our shop or shipped at cost to anywhere in the world. Please allow a few weeks as each Bookman is individually built on demand. Please get in touch for shipping details. Bookman 1 is £1200 ($1800.)

Each Bookman is signed by the artist.

Please e mail Nigel Burwood
(Owner - Any Amount of Books.)

Design © Kazmierz Szmauz -- Bookman,
the CDMan, the DVDMan, Videoman 2001.

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